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A letter From Micaela

After almost eight years with Connections, the time has come for me to move on to my next adventure. In 2014 I had a simple idea: to help build long-lasting business relationships through memorable experiences. Within six months of joining Jacobs Media Group, we had launched our first Connections event and since then, we have hosted over 50 events around the world, bringing together a community of inspiring and incredible leaders in luxury travel. It has been a true privilege watching Connections grow into the global brand that it is today.

Contributing to the future of this industry, and helping create connections that have built dynamic partnerships, as well as lifelong friendships, has been – for me – the greatest reward. This sense of togetherness and unity was what inspired me to create Global Travel Week powered by Connections for Jacobs Media Group. Coming together again, at a time when sharing experiences with one another is more important than ever, is something I’m equally proud of. I feel very fortunate to have accomplished so much during my time at Jacobs Media Group and so, it is with much gratitude that I thank Clive Jacobs for his investment and great belief in me and my ideas. Together with Duncan Horton and the rest of Jacobs Media Group, thank you for giving me a platform that has made space for Connections to thrive. I’d also like to raise a glass to –

  • The Connections founding members, advisory board and mentors who helped to shape Connections during those challenging, early years. You know who you are!

  • The Connections Leaders, the most amazing people in our industry, and all those that have experienced the Connections Way of doing business.

  • The team that helped me make Connections a reality. I feel extraordinarily lucky to have worked alongside you; each and every one of you are truly special and incredible.

  • And – the exciting and brilliant future of Connections!

It is with great pride that I pass the reins to Greg Reeves, who has been my right-hand since Connections’ early years, and who now becomes joint managing director. There is no better person I can think of to take the brand forward. I am confident that Connections will go from strength to strength with Greg at the helm and, supported by the expertise of Jacobs Media Group, I know it will continue to evolve in a way that best services the industry. Please join me in congratulating Greg for his well-deserved leadership role as we head into 2022 and beyond. What’s next for me? Well, for the first time ever, I have no definitive plan. I will be with Connections as Managing Director until March 7, 2022. After that, we will see what the future holds! Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Greg or me

if you have any questions about this transition. For now… Ciao ed arrivederci a presto! Micaela Giacobbe Managing Director, Connections


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